• dreadful_artist 5w

    Tiny Fears

    As I lay, still and silent, covers pulled up to chin
    familiar feeling flip flopping my center,
    fear setting in.
    It starts with a subtle creak at bottom of the stairs
    Try to explain it under guise of nightmares
    The creaking again, a couple stepscloser
    I call out in vain, waiting for answer
    Creaking creeps closer and faster , steps nearing
    6 year old mind can't make sense of it's hearing
    I begin to shudder, pulling blanket over head
    Door knob rattles slightly, I fear it's the dead
    Contemplating my options, I lay frozen still
    Crept up my spine, terrifyingchill
    hairs on the back of my neck all alarm
    I experience icy fingers gripping my arm
    Tears fill my eyes and roll down my cheeks
    I pray to who will listen, but outlook is bleak
    My ears hear a cough and a click of a light Thank the stars for the need of the bathroom that night
    For once my grandpa entered the hall
    All the cold feelings dissipate as my luck befalls
    My eyes didn't shut that night until til dawn
    But I will always remember the nights time has foregone