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    If there's enough love in the world, it would kill the hatred of the few. #inspiration

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    Decisions made in Nigeria

    Child bearing is the greatest of marriage
    In Nigeria, if you are married without a child
    You are barren
    You become a laughing stock
    You will be tagged a ritualist
    Or your youthful age has caused this mess
    To be sincere, is child bearing the greatest joy?

    Your spouse begins to get third party advice
    You cry in pain
    You begin to seek a thousand means in one
    What you shouldn't do becomes an option
    That somehow you wake up from this dream
    Somehow you see the beautiful side of your life
    If I ask you, is child bearing the greatest joy?

    In a country of thousands of people
    What causes this diversity ?
    If it were your child who decided to be gay
    I'm very sure you wouldn't be happy
    Then why judge the fact they can't produce children
    Children are God's gift if I'm not mistaken
    Appreciate the one you have

    It's not your making
    It's a gift
    Be kind
    Don't criticize