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    3 years passed ,I finnally fullfilled the dream leaving that joyfull me in kota ofcourse not my dream ,its Baba's dream being a student of IIT(Indian Institute of Technology)
    (Bolo durga mai ki joyyyyy!)
    Shit! I forgot to change the ringtone
    Maa,tumi keno erokom koro amar shathe
    What did I do?
    You changed my ringtone
    So its good,God will always stay with
    Stop it plss,for god sake!
    You make me embarass in front of everyone. Why do u speak so loudly
    We have meeting going on!
    We welcome our honourable guest
    Mrs.Piyush Ghosh
    And we request Nimi to felcitate our honourable Guest.
    I looked into his eyes ,For a momment I felt like somehow I know him,though I have never seen him in my life.
    But I let this silly thought go out of my head.
    Why were you staring him like a strange thing.
    Huh?was I?
    6 months later
    I'll have coffe ,what about you?
    Harsh,I want to tell you something
    Yeah please share.
    I was totally confused whether I should tell him or not.He may think that I've gone crazy.But I didn't wanted to keep this in my mind anymore.I didn't wanted to make the mistake again.I kept it a secret to Akshita.
    Now I am keeping it a secret to Harsh.
    How many more such secrets will you keep.My mini me said.
    Harsh ,do you remember Mrs.Piyush Ghosh.
    Oh that writer?
    Yeah,whom I felicitated
    You were staring him
    Yeah that's what I want to share to you
    I feel like I know him
    Maybe you've seen him somewhere
    Or heard his name as he's a famous writer.
    That's the fact ,I have never heard about him or seen him.But I feel like I know him.I know this is wierd and strange but its true.
    I still don't know what Harsh thought that day about me.But I had a believe that he would help me out this confusion that was killing me day and night as he was one among the closest one's.
    Harsh you have his contact number right?
    Yeah but I think I had deleted yaar.
    Please Harsh.Its important ,I need to talk to him.

    Hello nimmi good morning
    Why so early ?
    Because You said you need it as soon as poissible.
    And I jumped out of my bed with excitement.Thinking that finally my confusion will be finished
    Did you got his number?
    No, said Harsh.
    Then what?
    I got his email Id with his number and his details.
    Wow!Mr.Harsh Agarwal,You're in way to become CID,I said jokingly.I'll be always gratefull to you.
    That whole day,I was just waiting practical classes to be finished and to call Mr.Piyush and ask him out all my queries.
    Aap jis wakti se sampark karna chahte hai we is samai wast hai.
    It was my first time in these 22 years that I gave someone 14 miss calls and didn't even got a single call back.
    And being frustrated at last.I tried to forget that I would ever get a chance to know that why was I feeling to know a stranger.

    It was 5th day of our practical exams
    And It went good.
    I checked my phone.
    2 missed calls.
    I tried to search in truecaller
    and the name was Parul.
    Hello,I got an call from your number I said.
    It was a female voice.
    Hello I am parul.Actually I got 14 missed calls from you.
    And it hit my brain.
    I guess you might have called my brother,actually we have exchanged our SIM's due to some family problems.
    I'll whatsaap you his number.
    Oh sorry!I didn't know, I said.
    Its ok I didn't even expected you to know.
    Nearby 6 pm Parul texted me his number.
    Hello,Is this Mr.Piyush Ghosh.
    Yeah ,May I know who it is?
    I am Nimi,Nimi Choudary,I said.
    Oh,the girl who felicitated me.Hello dear how are you?
    I am fine sir.Its really an honour to talk to you.But its already 6 months from the time when we met.How are you able to remember me?I asked.
    I remember everyone.He said.
    I frankly shared him what I felt that day.
    And he said,it happens sometimes.
    I felt wierd.
    Then we talked about his writtings and I told him that I used to write.
    He told me to send my writtings to him.
    Whats your recent book sir?
    Flight in the year 2006
    And whats the favourite book written by you.
    King of stars.
    His each and every sentence was effecting my brain more.I felt Every sentence was related to me.But why?