• darrianlynx 30w

    My Son

    My child my dove you are ever my love
    You may take a path that leads you away
    But I will be here for you night or day
    You are my star in the darkest of night
    Be who you are and for you I will fight
    Nothing you do can change my love for you
    I hope you find all the joy you are due
    I want you to feel a true love that's real
    I want a girl to bring you to kneel
    Treat her with honor respect and care
    I hope she's worthy and I pray she's aware
    That she holds the heart of my little boy
    That it should be cherished and isn't a toy
    When I am gone I want you to know
    That my love for you was more than I showed
    I have been honored to be your mother
    And for my.son I would want no other...