• princess_thadey 6w

    The Vessel

    A 'mere' vessel
    Perharps the word 'mere' isn't so right
    Afterall, its all that's glorified these days
    A generation of not so mere vessels
    With an entity they don't appreciate within

    One that yearns and craves
    Struggles and fights
    Screams as much as it's silence
    That has a voice of its own
    And an inherent light

    Know today,
    The vessel has no relation to its entity
    A beautiful vessel doesn't equal a beautiful soul
    Just like plants need water to grow
    Our souls need that inner strength to blossom

    How sad is it though?
    The power of our souls aren't recognized
    The hunger they possess isn't fed rightly
    A growth that they hunger for isn't sated
    A passion they exude isn't tapped into

    The clock is ticking
    The days are counting
    The lights are fading
    The entity will finally deserts the vessel

    Maybe then,
    We'd appreciate the beautiful.
    But perhaps,
    It'll be too late
    Check yourself today