• drashtidabhi 5w


    You came into my life like a miracle,
    And I thought He's the one!!
    My heart said -Go ahead, Oh wait said the brain,
    You don't care,but I do care

    You were the moon in those dark nights,
    I thought now the mess of my life will end,
    We talked,we laugh, good vibes started.
    You dont care,but I do care

    When you hold my hand,those crossing the roads,
    The talks that continued late nights.
    You dont care ,but I do care

    Days passed, years passed
    Celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries.....
    And it all felt like a fairy tale
    I was whole in the air like balloon
    You dont care , but I do care

    I was happily and madly in love life going so smoothly..wonderful.
    Then one day , you were talking to her....
    And i knew everything was going apart......
    You dont care , but I do care

    You said,it won't work, you love me...
    But she was always in your mind I knew,
    What a fool was I ,fell in a trap
    You dont care, but I do care

    You took me for granted and I allowed you
    Gave me false hope...care..promises!!
    Why?? Because you wanted to forget her..
    You dont care ,but I fo care

    You said to forget you,forgive you
    How could I ? When I still hoped somthing to change
    I knew that I was the substitute to You
    You dont care, but I do care

    You left my heart shattered into pieces
    Through i'll change ypur mind..
    But you were long gone,and I broken , awaited..
    You moved on, I didn't but now it seems worthless!
    You dont care , but I do care