• anagha_writes 5w

    You don't know how lovely you're

    Someday you will realise, it was not all about how you look like or what your skin colour is..
    It was all about being there for people who genuinely love you, like my family I hardly think about and prioritize them, it's such a shame that we are so intent on pleasing the people and worldly pleasure while simply forgetting the parents and family who will be actually there for you in the moment of adversity, who love you unconditionally, they dont care how you look like, or if your breath stinks or if you haven't bathed or anything, but we are so fucked up, that we are so intent on pleasing the world, a internet stranger mean more to you more than your family, or a random classmate who barely cares about u, their harsh words are enough to shatter you..
    At this point I have no clear idea, I'm just a fucked up 21 year old too.
    But I know this isn't right.
    Young age is so hard, you may be in the peak of enthusiasm and mood but you're more likely filled with ignorance about the concept of love.
    We all are just confusing love with lust.
    Com on, this isn't 1900's when people actually believed according to Darwin's evolution survival of the fittest, to get a ideal offspring, you have to find the most suitable partner to mate directly saying, a smart and a strong man, and a beautiful women.
    In those days, a women's worth was all about her beauty to get a good offspring and how she manage with the household works.
    That's ignorance, first of all we are all here to live our life and make best of it, and leave behind our name in the book of history.
    Kids are just a optional thing, not everyone of us is concerned about future generations and everything, all we have to do is live in the moment, utilize what we have and surround yourself with people who genuinely love you unconditionally, don't forget your parents when you eventually find a so called soulmate.
    Parents did more than ever than a SO could do. And parental love like relationships hardly ever come across..
    Just don't forsake your mom and dad. :) and granma, and those people who genuinely helped you in the moment of adversity.