• naubagh 10w

    Prayer To The Preserver

    Abbreviate my life span.
    Then fly me indoors through the golden gates.
    Wouldn't mind even if it's an abduction.
    Abhor is only for the fake promises.
    Yes,I will abide by my father's will, which helps me be crystal enough to see the beauty of faith and treasures that hide inside fountain of soul.
    I found out about the cursed nature of this existence and witnessed a curse, the day my beloved stopped breathing and my hands had to set fire on his body and watch it go ablaze into fragments of ashes, something which has now left me diseased.
    Though I have been swayed from you at times, now I hold true abnegation towards any aura that tries to drive me away from the divine.
    Abolish this spells upon me called vanity which makes me an abominable to be able to receive your embrace and flourish.
    The atmosphere created by fractious emotions which is recalcitrant brings me mortified air, and breathing across it causes a motivation to self-destruct.I accept, I'm a big loser.
    Abruptly I find myself inside a confinement of stimulants, whether it's for survival or a denial towards life, it revolves like a question around confusions which has remained unresolved.
    There is an absence of a sense of completeness on everything these two eyes has fallen upon and perceived, though fooled at certain levels, as it is when they are closed , the results are same and does not appear far apart from both simulations that vision and blindness offer.
    An extreme emphasis may term it as 'an absolute emptiness'.Now what's whimsical I found about this is, it's also said to be a milestone to achieve walking towards the light.
    So how does things work?
    Just shoot me up with rainbows of enlightenment.