• anonhimmoose 5w


    and I had foresuffered it all
    by the waters of leman as I wept
    recorded by an inquisitive poet;

    but to what relief? where
    has all this knowing taken me?

    to wriggle aimlessly
    to try to nest a move
    in the ferrets of time's
    consuming net,
    to reach no purpose
    for in my attempts
    I solely found myself
    breathing the excruciating air
    of the mail stretching to close
    over me with renewed temper;

    and what was the meaning
    of disturbing the understurbed
    coiling of the two snakes
    two blending lovers in one feature
    to be hidden by cuttin sight,
    to know of within an orgasm
    the typist and the clerk's side?

    I walk with all i have known
    but I miss the figure
    that could have given to all
    a form beyond the need
    to find voice for suffering_

    what was my mistake then
    that keeps hunting me in my fear
    to beg redemption?
    it must have been
    the same mistake that stains
    the faces that mark me with scorn;
    I can read on their brow
    the same accent that animated
    my judgment_
    that same blank stare
    that has already decided
    the roles that experiences
    will be schematized in;
    there is no real
    discovery in what simply happens,
    in knowing a person,
    in sharing a roof and a bed,
    everything is already settled
    in the mind the sees itself
    mystified in wisdom,
    blinding itself
    to the differences that being wrong