• shreya296 11w


    Woke up suddenly in the morning feeling choked, a sense of restlessness, felt like crying out loud but I don't know what actually has happened to me and it was suffocating me. A strange feeling of emptiness, fear of losing someone, fear of being left alone, and the worst part is I cannot even tell anyone about this feeling, I don't know why but maybe I have the fear of being judged or I fear that telling my insecurities will make me look weak, or i fear answering to the questions that why I'm crying because they will never understand. It's very hard to hide the tears today I don't know what it is but I have no control. I finally got out of the bed and tried to calm down.

    you know being an emotional person is too hard because we that even small confrontation can hurt us to a great extent and tears can roll down from the eyes anytime and it becomes very difficult to hold tears at that time. But I surely know that for an introvert or emotional person this world is too harsh and there is very less people who actually accepts an emotional, insecure and vulnerable like me rather than judging us. Please be gentle to everyone even if you are unable to understand them just listen to them instead of giving advice, just your listening can make them feel good and light.