• deizzy_bellis 10w

    Why did you ignore me I asked myself what's going on I tried to tell
    I struggled hard to understand what all of this was about
    Oh...he might be busy I thought
    He is not available I reassured myself
    Once again I ignored all clues

    Alas, today you called my bluff
    You showed me what it truly was
    I texted you but you ignored then, not so long your words I saw
    It flashed right there before my eyes the very same time i sent my words
    You wrote some back but they were not mine

    I picked her phone and your words I saw it's truly you that I can't ignore
    I made excuses not long ago but now I see it all clearly
    You were never busy those times
    You were never unavailable at all
    I turned a blind eye to all the signs
    But now the evidence I can't deny

    I guess you were fed up of me
    I guess I was just a load you bore
    But now you've forged ahead on your way
    My feelings and all you left behind
    I should have fought harder when I could
    I should have tried to mend the crack
    But the more I chose to ignore the wider the gap between us grew

    I'm sad to see this is the end
    I fear the sight of our relationship fading away
    My eyes once blind has opened wide
    The ghosting act has done it's part
    So now I guess it's safe to say that I am no longer the one in your embrace
    The smile on ur lips are no longer mine
    I fought so hard to never see
    But now i no longer can deny that my name has been wiped away from your heart