• lisablu 10w

    Infinite souls

    It's that crucial moment in time of space,
    that then we overstand,
    An epiphany in our evolution,
    for what we seek,we now have found!
    The Eternal journey doesn't end there,
    It's merely just begun,
    Remember jesus rose himself as God's begotten son!.
    How beautiful the cycle, to return uniquely as the same,
    To experience who we truly are, through an emotion we call pain!.
    Collectively that was our back up, we knew just how we'd feel,
    So We set a punch for the conscious ego,
    just to clarify Loves real!.
    With that in mind the creative part,
    our soul is love vibration,
    So we feel it through our heart's,
    Universal as a Nation!.
    So remember to Love one another, as tho to love yourself,
    if not that then what is wealth?
    No man is an island, nor a millionaire,
    Unless you have what money can't buy,
    And that's LOVE,
    that we all SHARE!.