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    #black lives matter

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    'A black bird ♥ flying In the white sky ♡ '

    ' A black bird flying In the white sky '

    Does ur skin describe ur valour ,
    So may I know what's ur sacred color !?
    Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln
    You just have to be a fearless falcon;

    'A black bird falling from the white sky '

    The caged bird sings with a fearful grin, of things unknown as longed for sin;
    But he is knocked down only for his skin
    for the bird sings of freedom so to win ;

    Floating downstream till the wind ends.
    & failing his wings in the foggy mends.
    Deserves a better way to die .
    A black bird flying In the white sky ;

    Matter of time, for the sky to turn dark,
    Now what, let's avenge on the skylark ??
    If that's the way this world runs,
    I would bury deep, it's wasteful groans ;

    "A white bird failing the whole sky "

    You say u are not a racist !!
    Then what are you !?
    Does ur strength lies in killing those ,who are cared by few.

    Then, I don't care about the history ,
    All we see is ur dreadful unpleasantry.
    Just show equality & be good,
    After all we are humans, who starve for daily food .

    'All birds flying in the blue sky'