• dishatehra 10w

    Here comes another phase of life
    Choose either to stay calm or to fight
    There are and will be plenty of temporary people in this long journey called life..
    If they are hurting you, physically,mentally, emotionally or in any other ways...
    I suggest you here to fight for yourself..
    Just put up your point and let the shit happen
    Staying calm at the very first situation Ain't gonna help you in long run,
    Coz people will do that again and again,
    They are just gonna show you down,every single time...
    With there wrath and cunningness,they will deliberately try to set you down in front of others
    So you better go and fight for what that is right for you,or
    Just endure this whole situation and live in pain
    Choice is yours...
    You are living for yourself not for them,
    Don't stress out,just say what is bothering you
    They were never anything to you..
    So beat the fear out of you..
    You don't need anybody's recognition in life..
    And offcourse they are niether feeding you nor they are your guardian..
    So put them aside and live your life in a brazen way...