• young_poems 5w

    Falling Off The Tower

    Funny how life is and works
    So many curses yet so many blessings
    It's been four days since he's been depressed free
    Sometimes he wonders if happiness is what he'll ever redeem
    I mean hes inlove with someone that loghtens up his world
    From her voice pictures look personality its all mesmerizing
    Theres nothing else except God that makes him happier
    And yet the fact that shes not physically with just makes him sadder
    He wakes up and tries to fake it when he sees everyone
    Fake the looks the feelings and every damn thought pf loosing everything he cares for under the sun
    He feels pathetic and stupidly oppressed
    He this all just proves to him further that he's depressed
    Hes in the military and living physically well
    But he knows inside himself that his fears ring like a bell
    He sees all his success and tries to feel lucky
    But then realizing all the failures it took and then he starts to just inside himself feel funny
    Maybey one day he'll feel great again
    But for now he'll allow himself to be pinned
    He would go into isolation like he always seem to
    But then again at the thought of loosing her he feels like a fool
    He loves her to much to fade away
    But still that only makes his fears see through him like exrays
    Still he's chosen to fight these emotions and trust and know everythings okay
    That these he'll be delivered from this all one day