• adamantquill 6w


    Feet wishes to
    take a step
    and move forward
    but something feels so heavy
    restricting the movements.

    Mind wishes to
    find those answers
    and understand
    but it's throbbing in pain.

    Eyes wishes to
    watch the sunrise
    but it has got an affinity
    towards the dark night
    while weeping with no lights.

    Heart wishes to
    feel love and comfort
    but all it feels is hurt
    and breaking bit by bit.

    Lips wishes to
    curve into a pretty smile
    but it's tightening up close
    to stop the screams and cries
    from escaping the mouth.

    Soul wishes to
    to escape from reality
    and live in it's own beautiful dream
    but even the subconscious mind is
    playing tricks and putting it
    under nightmares.