• oyinkan_godtreasure 26w

    Push or Pull?

    Walked into this very big house
    Everything in it is an unforgetable, glamorous sight
    Like any law....the bigger the house,
    the more the chores. Well, I can handle that can't I?
    Further curiousity revealed some brand new household items waiting to be unraveled.
    Some are easier to figure, others require that time is taken to check the manufacturer's guide.
    That's not even where my story starts,
    The sun is setting and I'm so tired...aaaaah!!!!! that was my last until I heard the sound of birds chirping the next morning
    Ooooh! Its a beautiful morning....let's get the day started,
    This house is too beautiful for me not to share for the world to see
    I think I should go shopping to day