• xenoria 5w

    this stillness you have become,
    meddles mercilessly with my mind.

    I cannot bring myself
    to connect your wildly vibrant person;
    a laughter here,
    and a cry just as loud,
    to this blank canvas
    begging me to turn up the corners of your lips
    with my fingers..
    just anything
    to see a fold of skin on your face.

    your abrupt end
    has lead me to ponder
    on what truly lasts.
    on what truly matters.
    on what plainly doesn't.
    and as you would say,
    it is terribly typical of me to do so.
    but surely you would agree with me
    that we took for granted
    the fragility of life
    in us.
    in you.

    and just like that.

    just like that,