• riyajas 30w

    May the souls of innocent rest in deep peace in the womb of mother nature, the only place where they get real solace.
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    There's no place called SAFE to hide. Women can't run away from the drooling eyes or from the concupiscent hands of maniacal men. The plight of women gives me thunderbolts in my spine. I seriously startled to think, where we stand as humans and where our traits have gone. The gory incidents and the cold blooded gruesome homicide,
    penetrates my soul and makes me to yell out of my
    ribs, that there's no safe place to hide and live.
    Right from the birth to the graveyard, they follow, they take heed, try to assualt in diabolic manner, whisper in the ears evil nasty things. Even the breath they expel is filled with deadly poison. Why do they have to be so evil and scary.? Are they really human beings.? Made of flesh and blood like we...
    The Creator created them to guard , to support , to armour us, but they took things granted and favoured according to their will. They dominated and it was excepted. Later domination metamorphosed to abomination. Drinking the innocent souls and dragging them to the blackhole of damnation. Are they really human beings or do we deserve to be treated like this. Like I said earlier, there's no so called place ,Safe in this cosmos. The only place considered to be safe was a mother's womb, even it transformed to be unsafe, it is better to die in a mother's womb rather getting distorted in the hands of ensanguined tombs.