• sangfroid_soul 5w

    I can only say this
    If you wish to know how I feel and who I truly am
    Read my favourite novels
    And they'll tell you a lot more than a lot considering what I could say without using metaphors.
    And gaze at the lone moon when it's no moon night. The moon is there, you and I know it very well. Gaze at it. It's not visible but it's there. Just like me. Amidst the broken stars burning bright. Actually I am one of them. And you're the moon. You see.
    I am moon. And you're the stars.
    You're the moon. And I'm among the scars.

    And you and I are phoenixes, flying above the ordinary birds all around.
    We'll fall hard
    We'll burn
    We'll turn into ashes
    We'll rise.
    Once again.

    And maybe when the slightest prick of the needle sprinkle out few drops of my blood out of your fingers you'll get a glimpse of what I'm going through.

    For you♥

    Written in eventide. Completed now.
    Sort of quickly written one.

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