• fallen_42 5w

    I am tired of this word play
    Like you dont see me
    Like I can't see you
    Like my voice falls off into the abyss
    everytime I say "someone talk to me"
    Like there is a space
    Entire universe that spreads between us
    They say space smells like gunpowder
    Perhaps it is from the murder of all the ignored voices
    Who were shot in their throats
    Because they tried to scream out this ignorance that you carry within
    Or maybe you just don't care
    Because it's easy to exist in a comfortable void
    Than to lend a hand
    Isn't it?
    Doesn't that scare you
    That one day as you water the flowers in your garden
    You can get hit with a pellet of sadness
    And as you choke in the silence of your home
    Writing poetries
    you can end up like me
    Just another voice lost in translation