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    Intricate textured moments
    Display intriguing fibres
    Of fragments , fragrant and fertile
    Those , which keep emitting
    Morbid fumes
    Of attractive vulnerability
    To kill
    Or the least to molest
    The esteemed sanity
    Or the well maintained vanity

    Such nights
    Are assumably seductive , volatile
    Those capable of turning every prose futile
    Every poetic piece , appears hostile
    And melancholy , it imitates
    Gravities , neutral or sterile
    Such are the nights
    When we are there , as the two
    In whatever we attempt to do
    Or rather , in whatever we aspire to do

    The inclination , manages to get through
    It gets dressed in those morbid fumes
    Melting down
    in those Beethoven's symphony tunes
    When our breathes , race , to collide , fast
    And the night , reciprocates ,
    Irrupting , in some canvas , rubified and vast
    Paintings , thus happened , tend to last
    Upto the Eternities , until they decide to blast
    And clouds and shadows , deny to overcast

    Paintings these
    They're lucent though , but for some brush
    Intentions deem to befriend the crush
    Silence that appears in a bit of anxious rush

    That's time , when every person , other than us
    Appears to be béte noire , or some annoying disturbance
    Roses , doves and sparrows , keep reminding us
    Of Aphrodite
    And the ticking time in the clock continues
    To explode
    Like some muted dynamite

    Things happen and happen in tandom
    Motives and methods running random
    Carrying an abruptly decisive speed
    Arrogance walks overlooking , not paying heed

    It always seems a sumptuous deed
    When both the travellers
    excavate the very same need
    That be the story
    Of all those starry nights
    We two
    Amalgamate into bring one
    Infinite and indeed