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    God may be slow to wrath and slow to anger but He is also clear and firm when it comes to His standard regarding sin and all kinds of unrighteousness. There is eternal life and reward for those who obey and walk under His will, while there is punishment for those who continue to live in sin and refuses to hear the word of the Lord!
    If we are not careful, sin makes us comfortable in the face of complacency the moment we come to think that nothing has changed and nothing happened to us after committing sin. But we know that God is sovereign! Let us not put the Lord into the test by rekindling His anger in refusing the word, the wise counsel, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit! Remember, all must come to an end and everything we do shall be revealed in the light, whether good or bad, so we must earnestly fight for our faith, our purity, and find ourselves in the ways of God!

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    Our Righteousness and Purity Matters to God