• bktshering 10w

    Here, I'm All Alone!

    There she lies in a pool of blood,
    Her weak eyes drowned in flood,
    People have seen but they all had scud,
    Her body dirty red brown with mud,

    Looked at me and stretched her hand,
    Asking for help and perplexed I stand.
    Questions run in my dazed mind,
    Should I help or not? I'm now blind.

    The inner me, urged to help her,
    But the other me, turned into a cur.
    No, I obeyed the First, readied to help,
    I got her at my back, little did she yelp.

    Panting I succeeded her to the BHU,
    Would you do the same, if it was you?
    The doctor wanted to know who she was,
    And deepened into knowing the cause.

    Should I be honest? or Should I just lie?
    What if they fail and their treatments die?
    Won't they summon me before the court?
    Would that be the reward for her escort?

    For a moment, I froze, so did my life,
    The guilty mind uttered, 'She is my wife'.
    The doctor smiled, 'the baby's alright',
    Oh! I couldn't sleep that very night.

    After spending days in the hospital lobby,
    She was discharged with a newborn baby.
    'Where can I drop you?', I requested,
    She didn't have an address, she hesitated.

    I knew it from her innocent eyes and face,
    If left alone, she would face disgrace,
    Took her home and made her feel calm,
    Cared like a husband - a soothing balm.

    She and me and the little one, so happy,
    Hoped for best, didn't expect to be crappy.
    The unexpected episode paved its way,
    Into our lives and shattered my day.

    There he stood, standing near my door,
    He called her his wife, heart on the floor.
    'Had left her coz of parent's will', he said,
    My plans shattered and on the grave it laid.

    Happy was she, for he had come back,
    To claim her and the baby, my heart crack.
    They left without saying a thing,
    With tears and melancholy, here I sing.

    I was there for everyone, especially for her,
    But now I lay all alone, the world all blur.

    © bktshering

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