• nikkiheat13 22w

    Self destruction

    It's weird how anyone finds someone coward
    Seeing someone falling of the grid saying
    Suicide is for weak
    Person with weak Heart are the ones
    Who fall off the grid

    Why don't you ask yourself if giving your life is the only way he found to get out of his miseries
    If that's the only way to relive with no pain
    If that's the only way to achieve peace

    Self-destruction is a virus , slow disease corroding mind
    Dragging people into crisis..Strips reliance, makes us blind.
    Sacrificing friends for anguish.. Diving deeply into grief
    Praying god to make us vanish.. Brings us painful relief.
    Pain, distress resulting priceless
    Hurting is the only way
    Self-destruction is the only way that .. Makes me fade day by day