• ellawilz 6w


    She is the only missing rib that fits perfectly into your lonely cage,
    Rather than demeaning the angel in her,
    Let her be lost in the maze you call your world,
    For better treatment is all she deserves.

    Family and friends she has looked past;
    Ghosts haunting the future she sees in you,
    With a hunger to be the only thing that completes you,
    Your wife for better or worse,
    Doesn't she deserve a better half in you?

    Angels envy the epitome of beauty she's grown into,
    She keeps the other men cursing her secret lover,
    Because their lips only chant her name all over town,
    Her glory she's trashed to be apart of you,
    Doesn't she deserve much more?

    She has seen beyond your imperfections;
    Imperfections that knit you together into what she calls perfection,
    Rather than deeming her blind,
    Help her build the tomorrow she has spotted in you..

    She is great but inferior only to you, her man,
    Spoil her with your love,
    Bring out the best in her,
    Soar the horizons together,
    She is but a woman,
    She deserves better from her trusted mate ....
    Bella A.