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    Originally in Assamese translated in English by @ambeezsaikia which is a poem on the brave story of the princess Joya or Joymoti of Assam who played a great role in history. @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @reader_indeed @writers_paradise @writetoright

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    Joya's No more

    The Jerenga field called on,
    In the sky and winds of Assam
    Echoing in the Mountains and valleys
    With a plural sound unstopping
    As the Dikhou river flows and will flow through
    Princess Joymoti and Prince Godapani
    Lai lesai, Boy prince Sukapha's history
    Treasuring in its heart unstopping
    The black heeded oriole bird sitting on a branch
    Sings friend o friend about the
    Undescribable pain she'd gone
    Laporton Cronulata leaves, hunter's beats
    Burning oil and salt that pained her husband Godapani established a good regime
    Removing the torturing one from the Ahom Dynasty
    Reserving the sacrifice of his wife
    Son Rudra Sinha in the memory of his beloved mother
    Made the Shiva dol, dug the Joysagar pond
    Kept the name of the race,the nation
    Shining the pages of history
    The name of his mother.