• insomniac_spirit 41w

    love is easy, try unloving her. You loved her from the first sight but trust me to unlove her your senses won't be that bright.But still u'll try, u'll try to unlove her but as soon as u've begun, her shallow eyes would gape at you asking you to hold her tight, her nose would twitch from the tears swelling inside, her lips would go pale and then they'd go dry, symbolising your love that's soon gonna die. Looking at her like that your heart would ache with pain, you won't know what to do, you'll go insane.I know you won't give up, you'll still try to walk away, she'll hold your hand, kiss your forehead and ask you to stay.You'll try to pull away but a tiny drop would trickle down her chin and fall on your palm.


    p.s - no force in the universe can take you away from her after that.