• lifenotes_saloni 11w

    #obscure #mirakee

    I kept running from people to people, running from beasts to beasts,
    My name was known but not my intention,
    I was like running from streets to streets.

    I went to the lands to the landlords,
    Ran through wilds and wildmen,
    The rain poured down to the constant ground,
    I passed from the den to the den.

    I was here who came from there now,
    They thought I am just a passer-by,
    No-one observed me and my work ever since,
    Not even asked who was thy.

    I came to home now from people to family,
    And now I was recognised vitally,
    Every one knew my intention was of loving,
    I was no more obscured finally...

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    I was there but no-one noticed,
    But it doesn't matter, as I still exist...