• bewaaji_madeewa 10w

    Rape Victim

    An alien in human form! Totally insane in his dealings
    The alien in human form dwells within us
    As the devil! He came to kill, steal and destroy
    He keeps lurking around the corner
    Each innocent gem he bruises till lifelessness beckons
    He broke her defences! Her confidence he stole
    The girl she is in the making was cruelly killed
    The beauty of womanhood she possessed was destroyed

    She is a victim! She, SHE, she, SHe, she
    The baby on diapers! Her innocence awfully crushed
    The kid on the street her esteem brutally broken
    The sweet teen! Her shreds behind cover-up smiles
    The adult! flashes and replay of her violation
    The lady behind Hijab! Her pains immeasurably boils
    The new razz girl on the street! She was raped too
    Your coyed daughter! She was raped too

    I am a victim of rape, you are a victim of rape
    We are victims of rape
    So many behind the curtains and veils - on secret modes
    Our voices trampled hatefully by the society
    Blames and more stigmas and more blames
    The victim is always wrong; the justification of evil
    The days are darker and growing darker and now darker
    The feathers to the eagle's wings inhumanely chopped off
    The guilts and traumas of that one day that broke our lives to shred

    The replay of the incidence till our sanity in insanity exchange
    Those who lived to tell the stories are few
    Those who were murdered in the process- much more! Sad
    Those who couldn't bear it till they willingly gave up
    I am a victim of rape! The voice in the desert! Calling out for a halt!
    My virginity on the bed of pains it left
    I can't heal! I had made my experience a sacrifice
    Let the blood of each defiled heriones speak
    May the day break with good tidings

    This is too much on us! The girl we are on the inside broke away
    Leaving us traumatic and shattered
    A new dawn breaks with healings in its' wings
    Fortifying each broken gem till newness attain
    A hope for each innocent girl, her innocence secured
    This is the turning point- we are the voice of the raped