• nowriter 6w

    Friends, i dont have any
    Family , although a big bunch , still limited to the smallest number
    Aspirations , they fade over time
    Inspirations surge and disappear similarly
    Future is as ambigous as the lockdown duration and what future holds , i dont have the will to see
    As the days pass , people are getting distant , normal is becoming a distant memory , routines no longer follow a route .
    Health seems the same , wills and wishes die out . Social media seems more and more vain . People appear faker by the day. Family becomes strength at one time and stress at the other. Loneliness scares and soothes . Private time is becoming more and more a delusional concept . Eating , cooking , painting , dancing, excercising, socialising and sleeping are all morphing and it is hard to figure out what i want to do . Patience is at an all time low. Plants fascinate sometime . People , still and more obnoxious.