• _simi__ 5w


    They all wonder why she's always so downtrodden and negative about life. It's not the girl's fault in anyway. Life gave her Lemons from a very tender age, how could such a small child know how to make Lemonade. Father and mother couldn't always be there, left her in care of those who were supposed to protect her. One funny thing about life though, those who you think would protect you always end up destroying you. You wonder why she has trust issues, lift the screen to the darkness in her soul and watch each layer of clothes stripped from her little body. How was she supposed to know what wasn't right, no one was there to teach her. Those who were supposed to, were the monsters she thought she hid under the covers at night from. Each day, she was delivered into their arms like a candycane to a child. Each day, they took her, sometimes two at a time. Each day, a little girl becomes more broken inside and she still didn't know how to make lemonades. She learnt how to numb the pain, the numbness never left her into adulthood. People never knew, and she never told them. Now she's into adulthood and society expects her to feel. She made her own special Lemonade and now you tell her to throw it all away. Don't blame her for not trusting, life never gave her a reason to. Even when she sees something real, like a rose blooming in the morning sun before her eyes, her twisted mind finds a way to make her doubt it, and she always end up thinking its just all made up like the type of happiness she learnt to make up in her mind. She ends up pushing all her sources of joy away, it's never her fault. She was only a girl who