• macre_25 10w


    They say your spark will lit at night
    But I go blank with words
    A notion that comes when you've lost your worth
    When the sky grows dark when your around
    And the infliction are waves that cling to your marks
    Where you host their critics amid your home
    Then you utter your secrets aloud
    And from it they mock you with songs
    They toss you with fallen hopes
    But you collect the pieces that cut your soul
    Hoping with them you'll be able to mend the hole
    Wishing with it you will be able to feel the fabric
    The one that touched your being
    And convinced you to betray the cold where you built your throne
    The fabric that carries the memories of old, consisting of colours which are gradually tarnishing
    Where the birds chirp as a reminder of where your from
    And the wind let's loose the representation of your youth
    Before you vanish , cause no one accepted you