• latasharma 5w

    I'll be happier today
    Not in any near future
    But today.
    I'll be myself in this moment,
    I want to be myself in every single
    Second passing by.
    For there's nothing more worthy
    Than being in love with what you are.
    The way my smile curves out on my face
    I love it.
    This feeling of acknowledging
    My own imperfections yet loving all of it.
    This morning is somehow different.
    Something's changed
    May be it's my perception once again
    Perhaps i have leveled up again
    On this game called life.
    For I'm wide awake now
    Having my wings back
    While everyone's asleep deeply tucked in their beds.
    I haven't slept for past few weeks though,
    Now found the morning worth losing sleep for,
    It was so refreshing
    As if i was meeting myself after so long.