• agathasilkin 5w

    Night visits

    She sat by the window
    Darkness falling behind the wet glass,
    Fog raising slowly,
    Its thickness swallowing the ground.
    Her eyes adjusted quickly,
    Her mind uses to lack of light.

    Cold wind she would soon feel
    All over her skin,
    Picked up the fallen leaves
    Before it settled
    Leaving the night scene
    Leaving it quiet and still.

    The woman stood in the doorway
    Chill passing through her veins,
    Her eyes grey and knowing
    Their depth a long story
    a memory that doesn't fade.

    The woman looked at an approaching figure,
    Its shape unstable,
    Its form a shimmer,
    The air around it glowing lightly
    Its face and eyes hidden.

    But the woman would know that presence
    Even if it only whispered,
    She knew she would always tell It the same:
    Welcome home