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    True Spirituality

    Seeking the post-creativity of the Creator
    To whom no one denies to pray for relief
    How can the Almighty let down to souls?
    More strength to hold our strong beliefs
    More faith comes to be tested over roles
    The intention is still counted everywhere
    To keep dignity humble, stable and clear
    All requests fall in front of a most Greater


    Spirituality aims at getting to know ourselves
    and to seek answers
    to various mysteries
    that catches our glimpse.

    It will not be fruitful
    to have spiritual concern
    without setting limits to its domain
    and that's where religion
    comes into a picture.

    Religion sets the boundaries
    as it tells you
    your purpose
    which makes it easy,
    to understand ourselves.

    There Is a third dimension
    apart from spirituality
    and Religion
    and that is ethics,

    The Ethics makes you balance
    between your real world
    and spiritual dimension

    Spirituality has been there
    through ages
    and it doesn't limit itself
    to a particular religion.

    In terms of the relationship
    between a Muslim and Allah
    spirituality plays an important role.

    A more spiritual being will be more pious
    and this spiritual concern
    would make it easy
    for a person
    to not divulge
    from the straight path.

    This spiritual concern has to be constructed
    in steps
    to harness the esoteric
    as well as
    exoteric potential of faith