• nunoalem 4w

    For the one who made me feel... My little world and my happiness, this one's for you

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    "To my Psycho"

    Her tears made him weak,
    His laughter made her face the world.
    Her poetry came to live
    When he became the muse.
    Her words no longer whispers to the wind
    But now filled with emotions
    From deep within.
    Like a snowflake that falls softly
    And blankets the green grass ever so gently,
    His love blanketed her with security
    And sense of belonging.
    People said they were one crazy pair,
    And they couldn't get the fact better
    For they indeed were -
    Carefree, youthful, filled with life and happy.
    The walks they undertook for each other,
    The tears spilled and laughters shared,
    All a beautiful story of how they were.
    Two young hearts came together
    And became each other's safe haven.
    Two young hands joined,
    And they would brave out the storms,
    Holding on to each other.
    Two bodies but one soul became they,
    And nothing was more breathtaking,
    Than their love for each other.