• songlessnightingale 10w

    YOU are what YOU tell yourself. So learn to love yourself, for you are beautiful inside, outside, or both sides. Physical beauty does not equate happiness, nor does it always attract the right man.

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    Don't hate yourself - Love Yourself

    No one loves me,
    The world would be better off if I'm no longer there,
    No one would miss me if I die,
    Everyone hates me,
    I'm just a useless burden,
    I'm ugly,
    I'm stupid,
    I'm fat,
    I'm worthless,
    My own face scares the cute boys away,
    I'll never amount to anything.

    There are people out there that love me,
    The world could use a person like me,
    So many would miss me of I were to die,
    My friends love me,
    I'm there for them when they need me,
    I'm beautiful,
    I'm smart,
    I'm well proportioned,
    I'm worth more than the rarest most expensive gem,
    My face may bring me a good looking man but I wish to gain his attention with my actions,
    If I work hard towards my goals,
    My dreams will become my reality.