• akhilesh_mahender 10w

    Leave me in peace.
    Let me inhale memories.
    Feel this breeze.
    Close my eyes and breathe.

    Will start this voyage.
    As a wanderer, no,
    as a fighter.

    These waves, leaves
    and blooming flowers.
    Nature has a new meaning,
    amidst this numbness.

    Mountain side, and glacier sights.
    Moving clouds and flying butterflies.

    Music set me apart and in line
    with these reality and hallucinations.

    I'm no one.
    I'm none.

    All this world and I'm
    a mere stardust.

    A loner, falling for people's
    quest, for happiness.

    Hmm, a writer, when these
    memories flood, I write my
    veins out and loud.

    So rigid, and deeper from the heart.
    Line by line, verses together.

    These eyelashes fall away, but
    these tears never budge.

    I'm a man, and
    not supposed to

    Hiding emotions and
    acting strong on
    weak legs and calves.

    I pity.
    I pity, my soul.

    Dear tombstone,
    don't cry when you see me.