• tanukailly 23w

    I have realised that till the time you crib or complain about something in your life, people won't let you stay peacefully. I mean how can a damn person be satisfied with his/ her life. If you don't crib about your life it means that you are earning a lot of money, you are born with a silver spoon and you get things easily in your life. And if you crib that means you have struggled a lot in your life and are still struggling and ya in corporate life it also means that you deserve a promotion.
    So to all the people who have a pain in their stomach because I don't crib, I am a middle class person, I don't have a money plant at my house (like the real money one), I too have struggled a lot and it's just that I am satisfied with my life and choose happiness over complaining. Why does it hurt you so much?