• prakratisinghyaduvashi 9w

    Life is a Devine gift

    A planet and millions of life,How it is possible,,?
    It's possible,bcz ,
    Life is the god,Life is a Seattle meant of the God,
    Life is god gifted,it,s a prettiest or beautiful gift of the god.
    Where is life,there is death,
    Where is life,there is god,
    The god is universe.
    Earthe is like a life and,which have Millions of desires like Millions of peoples, who live on this planet,Earth &The Millions of people Who r born everyday.
    The Earth is only a planet,where,life is exist or possible,
    Life is infinite,Millions of people are Xerox copies of a Life,
    Just as the entire universe is contained,
    in one life, similarly,
    A planet named earth,is the settlement of Millions of or Countless lives.