• the_unheard_buzz 5w

    Don't forget!

    Whenever life plans to halt your easy going ride with a good bump of speed-breaker, in other words when something unexpected and certainly unacceptable happens, we are advised to "forget the past." 

    Now, what if I say, "don't forget your past". Sounds stupid right! Why would someone want to remember a filthy, not-so-welcomed chapter of the unwritten biography!?

    But have we ever taught how to "forget"? No. Then isn't it just a superficial statement and thus wasted attempt. Simply we ain't designed in that way. We can choose what to learn, what to remember but not what to forget, consciously.

    So, what to do?

    As always, the answer lies in the basics. In our school days, we were taught numbers and alphabets. We still remember them but these ain't the things that always wander in our head, neither we remember all the routes and ways of us learning them. Although, whenever required we can recall.

    "Recall" that's the key word. Remember the past, to be precise 'the lesson learnt from past experiences: good or bad' and recall them when needed.

    I know, many would say, it's easier said than done. But what will happen by this simple exercise is that we won't waste our energy in 'trying to forget', something which is practically impossible.

    And once we understand this, "acceptance" will become easier, the most crucial and difficult step to cope up any 'unchangeable situation'.