• michelledavies 5w


    Misfits are always misunderstood because they are the ones who keep it true.
    They're always judged because they tell the truth.
    With that said, I'll do me and you fakes do you.
    I am done trying to fit in cause I don't agree with your views.
    And I shouldn't be blamed for being something good.

    You are not my problem and I am not yours.
    How can you survive in a world so cruel?
    You stay away from those who want to push and pull.
    Be who you are and fuck the rest of the world.
    Be the person who can look in the mirror & like the view.
    Never stop telling the truth
    No matter who that truth consumes!

    Bullys are what this world is made of
    They are the ones who ruin our schools
    They think they are God and they are in delusions
    They will never care about your pain because they never saw you!
    They will forever be selfish and introvert
    They will spend their lives blaming you for their issues
    They will never see the pain they put us through

    With all that said, us misfits must stick together
    There aren't many of us in this world
    So stay true and remain you
    Tell the truth, be humble, be kind, be what you
    want to be treated like
    And I know it is hard and it hurts like hell
    But be better than they are!
    They can all go away and you don't have to deal with assholes!