• cappuccinolady 50w

    Dear friend,

    What they never tell you is that it is okay to fall out of love with them. It is okay to put your needs before theirs. You are loved by your lovers for who you are inside out - that boney elbow, or that double chin doesn't make much of a difference. Your lover holds you through the thick and thin, and is by your side when you are slipping and a lover also carries the freshest of cookies for you to dunk and laugh watching you scream with delight at the grilled steak. What they never tell you is that lover is mostly your friend, maybe someone you'll never kiss or dance with. But a friend, once you find one, will love you like a lover, nourish you like a mother, cherish you like a brother and will be the annoying kid in return for you to be responsible of. It is okay to not love the friend as much, it really is. It is only important that you allow someone into your life and into your heart to take care of you like the friend would. You deserve it. You owe it to yourself. Allow yourself some love, and even some more for the others.