• fallenangel0106 23w


    I felt them softly flutter
    As the corners of my lips
    Rose towards the sky
    I caught a glimpse of heaven
    As I admired the sparkle inside your eyes
    Wrapped in warmth they gazed
    Peering into my heart
    A novel I have written
    Yet none have cautiously
    Read all its contents from the start

    In harmonious symphony they sang
    A beautiful disaster they began to play
    Almost as if my heart itself
    Grew it's own garden for them
    As an invitation to permanently stay
    As their wings danced to it's rhythm
    I fell victim to their sight
    A mesmerizing vision
    A war I could no longer fight
    No words were needed
    As I whispered to your heart
    My eyes closed in surrender
    As our hearts began to dance as it went dark