• fulloflove 31w

    The warmth of his heart.

    As i saw him, I fell in Love. He came up to me, he said" hello, my name's Gabriel. I said "hello, his name was Joseph. "He said "I work until 7, would you like to go downtown? "Get some food?" He said "yes, i would like that." So the time came, they both got off work, the two meet up at a restraunt, Gabriel orders, Joseph orders, and they started talking about each others interests, you know, the usual date stuff. The time came, they finished there meals, he paid, and at the end, they. got up, they went to the car, he drove Joseph home, walked him to the door, and he said, " I had a great time tonight, um, shall we see each other again?" He said, "yes, i would like that. They hugged, and Joseph felt, soo in Love. He savored the hug, after that, he went inside. He watched him walk to the car, Joseph waved, Gabriel waved. Then, he shut the door, and, sat down. And then just closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then, Joseph smelled his Jacket, it smelled like Gabriel, he just kelt smelling it, until he fell asleep. End of part one.