• hazoo9 6w

    No Eid

    They kill
    Our men - armed and unarmed
    Our women - young and old,
    Our children - born and unborn,
    They come, once a week at least
    And thrash our soot-smeared windows
    Until they start shrieking in pain,
    They continue stabbing
    Our bleary-eyed pomegranate trees
    Until they start shedding tears,
    For what crime
    Are our windows wounded
    And pomegranates mutilated?
    They don't spare
    Even our insects,
    They trample upon
    Snails and silverfish alike,
    Sadness fastens
    Onto our eyelashes,
    We don't do house cleaning
    Ahead of Eid anymore,
    We sell dreams and hopes
    What else can we do?
    We put on robes of fake optimism,
    But deep inside
    We are in unmitigated despair,
    There is no god
    In this city anymore,
    We have burnt
    Our holy scripture,
    We don't pray now
    Nor have we tongues
    To speak our dead alphabets,
    Our breaths smell of decay
    And our hands are like
    Dysfunctional, rusty rifles,
    Ours is not a happy nation,
    Our nation has become
    A capital of pain now,
    Who says there is Eid?
    There is no Eid
    For an occupied nation,
    Declare me a nasty nuisance ,
    Break my brittle bones,
    Nail me to the cross,
    Or drive me to exile,
    I will keep it saying:
    There is no Eid
    For an occupied nation,
    There is no Eid
    For an occupied nation!