• nicholasjevans 9w

    My Kitten

    I remember how
    I called you
    My kitten;
    You were smitten.
    I wish your parents
    Were gentle with you
    Like a little kitten.
    You deserved that kind of love.
    I saw such a sweet person inside of you.
    Yeah it hurt like hell when we split,
    And I have anger towards you,
    But I realized that I hope your angry too,
    Angry at me for not being the man you needed,
    And angry at your parents for doing what they did.
    When you're angry, you can begin to heal.
    And while you're no longer my kitten,
    You still have a sweet little kitten inside
    That's waiting to be a mommy and wife,
    And I hope that after you find that anger,
    You find that life.