• smithmason 5w


    Silently I am sliding in to the mud
    silently I'm being slaughtered and tied down
    But they sit in their mansions with notions
    They say I'm fine even with arrows in me
    Silently I'm fading away with no rescue
    Oh God save me! I'm a joke to Nigeria

    A joke they say it is
    They walk with body armors and crowns of pride.
    But i'm Left to die in their caused pains
    My life now a tedious assignment to save
    My child awaits my arrival at home
    But I'm caged in a murder land
    Yet still seen as a joke to Nigeria

    Nigeria the murder land
    Nigeria the fear of all
    Nigeria the land of blood and bones
    We are being scavenge everyday
    Bodies ripped apart and littered
    The fear grows up and strong
    But I still wonder why I'm a joke to Nigeria
    Save us all oh Lord for the debts can't be paid

    The voice of the innocent can still be heard silently
    Their cry still silently loud at night
    Some wish they appeared differently
    But truth be told, we'll victims of Nigeria
    What a joke they see us as!!!
    Even in death we still owe a debt
    A debt to resist torture and pains
    A debt to act and speak out
    A debt to save a generation
    So help us God!!