• pravatkumarpanda 5w

    Yours Forever ❤

    On my path out there
    Lie your footprints embedded somewhere.
    I don’t have your sorrow or pain in me
    I don’t have that love any more.

    Yes I’m happy without you
    Your habits are not there in me anymore
    But then why are there tears in my eyes
    Why am I crying even now?

    In these falling tears
    I feel something is there of you
    I wouldn't be crying with these tears
    If you were here to wipe them off.

    If I can't bow my head in prayer to you
    Then what kind of worship is this
    If I have to live without you
    Then what kind of life is this

    You were like the ground for my feet
    Then why did you make my eyes wet
    You used to call me your best friend forever,
    Then why did you leave me like a stranger.

    Your signs are there in my memories
    But why are you not there in my fate
    My innocent heart is still in search for
    The proximity to you, in your picture.

    Does your absence bother me
    It's impossible to forget you
    Yes, your absence is bothering me
    Yes, I'm crying even today for you.

    Please come back to me again
    I will forget all the sorrows then
    Lie in your lap and wipe off my tears
    Walk with you till the end…